Sowing the seeds for tomorrow's world. We have been actively investing in national and international ventures for more than 20 years. We believe in direct and long-term relationships and collaborate with partners who have their own identity and distinctive capabilities.

Investing for the long term

We attach immense value to collaboration and, as such, invest in funds of and co-invest alongside our partners. Having shared values with those partners is imperative to success. It ensures we can strengthen our partners who, like us, pursue a sustainable and stable long-term vision.


Nick van Winsen, Managing Director of Investments

Nieuwgeluk Investments operates predominantly in the Netherlands, Europe and the United States. We invest in private equity, listed equities and alternatives. 

Nick van Winsen, Managing Director of Investments


Private equity

We invest in the best-performing fund managers with growth potential, a solid (business) culture, and always with a long-term relationship in mind. Our portfolio, which consists of many successive funds, reflects this.

Listed equities

Nieuwgeluk expresses its vision of the future through our internally managed equity portfolio. We invest in listed equities on a global scale, mainly in developed markets. One of our beliefs is active management and to achieve that ambition, we carefully select a group of best-in-class managers to work with us.


Our main focus is private debt. Nieuwgeluk prefers alternative investments that have an attractive return-risk profile and offer sufficient diversification.


Co-investing with our partners offers us the opportunity to participate directly in a company while strengthening relationships with our long-term partners.

Our long-term vision – based on trust, commitment and mutual respect – enables us to build close and successful relationships with our partners and colleagues.
Investments team,