Real Estate

Real Estate

Nieuwgeluk Real Estate has, due to a very long track record, a thoroughly insight in the trends and developments of the market. This enables us to act and respond quickly to build a future proof and sound portfolio. A long term focused stable portfolio comprising of direct and indirect real estate enables us to enter into long term commitments in our own authentic way, to eventually pass on something valuable – in several aspects – to future generations.

Building the future

Retail is inseparable linked to our family's entrepreneurial history. It's in our blood. Our investments concern predominantly retail properties and, increasingly, residential, healthcare and special properties.

We identify future-proof investments in properties with a unique,  iconic appearance and a (to be developed) mix-used functions. 

Our direct investments are mainly targeted at city centres with a constant local buzz and daily necessities shopping centres/ retail parks at dominant locations.

Jurriaan van Haaren, Managing Director of Real Estate

The focus is on high-quality, future-proof properties with a unique, historical appeal or concept in strong performing areas in the Netherlands' top cities.

The indirect investments focus on a range of mixed-use developments, favourable mainly on residential. We invest in these assets  via partnerships in core cities spread throughout The Netherlands and abroad.

Jurriaan van Haaren, Managing Director of Real Estate

Residential property

As part of our diversification strategy and in view of the current housing climate, our portfolio increasingly includes residential and renovation projects. We invest in characteristic, sustainable and spatial properties, which we renovate or transform to create enjoyable residents living space.


Our core portfolio consists mainly of commercial properties at prime locations in the Netherlands. With due modesty and legitimate pride, we honour the family tradition and facilitate retail space where new or established entrepreneurs can take root, grow and flourish.

Shopping centres

We own large shopping centres at dominant locations. The composition and formation of the shopping centres focus mainly on daily necessities, interspersed with leading players in destination retail.

Socially care institutions

In line with our vision of being a socially committed investor, our portfolio also includes properties that have some, or partial care facilities. By focusing on the key issues in our society, we can respond quickly, adequately and appropriately to local and regional needs.


Besides residential and retail properties, we also invest in (re)development projects. We aim to keep all options open for buildings that have a special use or that create a relevant concept in an unusual place.

When it comes to where people live and work, we look beyond just the bricks and mortar. Our team watches over the human dimension and implements structural improvements with a balance between residential, retail and living enjoyment that is in line with community needs.
Real Estate Team,