Nieuwgeluk Investments

Investing for the long-term


Nieuwgeluk Investments is an entrepreneurial investment firm with a long-term focus.

We seek partnerships with specialist managers with a clear identity and unique, distinctive capabilities.

We invest in a wide range of asset classes. We believe that proper diversification will ensure that the portfolio is strong enough to meet future challenges.

Nieuwgeluk Investments invests mainly in Private Equity, Listed Equity and Alternatives. We believe in start-ups and fast-growing businesses and believe venture and growth capital is a valuable addition to our strategy.


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Our categories

private equity

We invest in funds with growth potential. We seek long-term relationships and invest in successive funds. Where possible we invest alongside our partners through co-investments.

Listed equity

We invest in Listed Equities worldwide. We believe in an active policy and work with a select group of best-in-class managers. We believe in style premia and have a focus on small-cap.



We invest mainly in Private Debt and Hedge Funds. Alternatives must have an attractive risk-return profile while offering sufficient diversification. When it comes to ‘out-of-the-box’ investments we have an open mind.